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ISBN#: 9781454300663
June 2011
Red Rose Publishing
276 Pages
Interracial/Multicultural, Contemporary, Ménage
Rating: 3 Cups

Chris is not sure why he agrees to go on a blind date, especially one set up by his friend, Liv. She does not really like him, so he does not understand why she tries to help him. Not that he needs it. He is good looking and attracts lots of women. He has never had trouble finding sex, though finding someone to thoroughly enjoy his size has always caused him problems.

Merci agrees to go out with Chris as a favor to her friend. She, too, has no issues attracting the opposite sex with her great looks and personality. During the date, she realizes that Chris is nothing like her friend described. She cancels the plan and just enjoys his company for the rest of the night.

These two get along so well on their first date, they continue dating and slowly start to fall in love. They spend almost every night together and are very happy. Their friend, Liv, is the only negative in their relationship. She takes away her friendship once the couple gets together, and while Chris is unaffected by it, Merci wants her friend back. Chris reluctantly agrees to a plan to get Liv back in their lives, but Liv has a plan of her own.

Blind Date was not what I expected at all. This story is so much more than a couple going out on a blind date. At first I really liked Merci, but when I got to the middle of the story, her actions did not seem believable to me anymore. I could not relate to her strong desire for Chris and herself to stay friends with Liv, especially after we learn more about her. Chris was only a little better than Merci. These two were not your typical hero and heroine. They do have a happy ending (sort of) and if you like super-charged, hot and steamy sex scenes, you will not be disappointed.

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