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Blinded by PassionBLINDED BY PASSION
ISBN: 0-595-83599-6 E-Book/ISBN: 0-595-39208-3 paperback
April 2006
IUniverse, Inc.
Price: $6.00 E-book/$16.95 Paperback
280 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Catherine Sheldon, a dedicated fashion designer, has such a hectic lifestyle it leaves her little time for leisure activities or even finding that certain someone to date.

William Moorehouse, a real estate developer, has no desire to follow in his father’s footsteps and stay in the business. He really likes Catherine.

Justin Scott has been an architect for ten years. After meeting Catherine, he would like to get to know her better.

After losing a good friend, Catherine realizes it is time to take control of her life. When she agrees to go to a party, she finds herself swept up in the passion of two men. With the passing months, she dates not only William, but also Justin, as she spins into a world where two men vie for her attention. William becomes part of her dreams and it leads her to want to learn more about him. Justin feels something special with her that could lead to true love. Catherine’s feelings are mixed, and with some strong influence from others, the threads begin to unravel, leaving her to make a difficult decision. Two men want her, but only one is the absolute true love that holds the key to her heart to last a lifetime.

Blinded by Passion is an intriguing read. The gripping love triangle absorbs like a sponge and continues to engross until the end of the story. This reader was thrown into Catherine’s life as she is torn over matters. William and Justin are both interesting characters that have their own desires that must be sorted out where Catherine is involved. Ms. LeBlanc creates a warm, sensual, wonderful read that not only fascinates, but lures the reader into three lives that spin with delightful magical romance, with only one making a complete difference in Catherine’s life.

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