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ISBN# (13): 978-0-7783-2673-1
September 2009
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
406 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Marion Kagan is a scientist working on a secret project when the lab comes under attack. The assassins thought all the workers had been killed. They were wrong.

Amanda Kagan has been in a coma-like stage for many years. She and Marion have something in common.

Sid Conway is a dedicated neurologist, working with a team on a new brain ‘reading device.’ When he learns about Amanda’s condition, he wishes to try an experiment on her. Mark Shaw is back from Iraq and hears there is a possible job opening with the police force. He is eager to connect with Marion again. As further studies are done on Amanda, and Mark tries to find out about Marion, it appears there is a link between Marion and Amanda. They are look-a-likes. As Marion tries to find a way to get to safety, after the attack on the lab, she thinks of Mark. While Mark is eagerly trying to find out something about Marion, Sid is trying to help Amanda. Unfortunately, someone not only wanted to make sure Marion was ousted from the lab but wants Amanda out of the picture. Can Sid save Amanda, and will Mark be able to connect the two women?

I positively adored this book. There is plenty of action, and the flow of the story moves at a great pace so not to lose the reader. I love the part when Sid was with Amanda, trying to help her write. The mention about the headband between Sid and Amanda was so beautiful; it made my heart jump with joy. Together they make a lovely couple. Marion and Mark have a chemistry that overflows to the reader. They indeed have some good solid moments that elate the heart. Blind Eye is a hot, fast moving, action-packed read that I absolutely adored. It is truly incredible beyond words.

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