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ISBN# (10): 0-385-53036-6/(13):978-0-385-53036-1/(10): 0-385-52653-9/(13): 978-0-385-52653-1
May 26, 2009
Doubleday Publishing
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
$24.95/$29.95 E-Book and Hardcover
336 pages
Crime Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Agent Bernadette Saint Clare works solo out of downtown St. Paul. She shares a close relationship with Tony, who is her only visitor and occasional partner to her home.

Special Agent in charge, Tony Garcia, has been assigned a tough case when a dead pregnant girl shows up in the woods with her fetus missing. He calls upon his partner, Clare, to assist on the case.

Landon Guthrie was tracking a deer in his favorite hunting spot when he noticed a monster had invaded his home. He finds a pregnant girl murdered and the baby removed. Along with a missing fetus and a pentagram drawn on the young woman’s, Clare and Tony have their hands full trying to solve the case. Further information points to the dead girl being a Senator’s daughter, who does not wish any involvement from the FBI. He only wants Clare and Tony looking into this case. The more leads they follow, the more questions pile up, making Clare and Tony probe the motives of many connected with the Senator. Can they find the missing fetus or will they be the next in line to die?

I always learn something when I read a book by Teri Persons. She knows how to write a splendid thriller. The beginning was so compelling; it grabbed me and immediately hooked me. Blind Sight spins the reader into the investigation of the dead girl the moment the deer hunter finds her in his hunting woods. The way the story is depicted with all the settings, this reader was able to visualize the whole location of the storyline. Lies, police work, suspects, and deceit, along with every little lead, brings out a suspense that keeps one guessing until the end.

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