Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0758271471
February 2012
Kensington Publishing Corp
Paperback / Ebook
$7.99 / $6.99
352 Pages
Dark Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

In a deadly game of deception, a patsy is lured into a situation for which he is totally unprepared. Nyteblade will do anything to rescue his family, but the young man is almost killed when he is pitted against a most formidable opponent, Deacon Chalk.

Deacon Chalk is accustomed to fighting against the worst monsters. He is a man who has dedicated his life to eradicating evil, ever since his family was killed five years earlier. When he is suddenly and without warning attacked by an inexperienced boy in a fancy get-up, he takes the young man captive, hoping to discover the identity of the puppet master orchestrating the grand scheme.

Deacon and a few trusted friends take on a two-thousand-year-old evil entity. All their firepower may be for naught against the beautiful and deadly Appollonia. She desires Deacon, but he sees right through her machinations. Scorned, her wrath knows no bounds.

I had just finished reading Deacon’s adventures in the introductory novella, That Thing at the Zoo, and dove right into this story with great eagerness. Mr. Tuck has once again constructed an engrossing tale that kept me hanging on every word. Told in the first person, I was captivated by Deacon’s practical nature and surprisingly romantic soul. Tough and fierce, Deacon has a protective nature that reveals itself at unexpected moments. For me, it was those times that raised this book above the ordinary, and left my spirit sated and content. I love this series and will be watching for the next adventure.

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