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March 2011
200 Pages
Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 5 Cups

Nathanial is over fifteen hundred years old, and as a vampire, has seen many loved ones die. He is searching for a man he has a tormented past with, and finds Winter instead.

Winter has some special talent that allows her to help with her job as a professional thief. When her longtime partner Sebastian finds out about it, they end up going their separate ways.

Sebastian cannot believe that Winter did not tell him that she could heal and that she could control the chemical balance inside of people’s bodies. When she tries to heal him, it ends up turning him from a vampire into a human, which has always been his wish, until now.

Nathanial approaches Winter for help as Sebastian has gone missing, and he is in danger. When they find him, the three must work together to stop a plot that will open human eyes to what the vampires are capable of. In order to do so, they must put their differences aside and work as a well-oiled team. Will Nathanial, Winter, and Sebastian be able to complete their mission and figure out how to exist in a ménage relationship before it is too late?

What I loved most about Blood Knot is that you get to see the many different facets of these three characters. While it is mainly from Winter’s point of view, the vigorous feelings each character has for the other two comes through loud and clear in this beautiful tale. Not only do you get to read a brilliantly written story, but Ms. Cooper-Posey gives us a novel full of many different elements that seem to add hard-edged curves, unbelievable circumstances, and overwhelming odds to the book. The way Winter interacts with Nathanial and Sebastian gives the reader a real chance to see beyond a tale of sex with two men and see the many complications that arise from such a relationship. The ending has me hoping that there will be more enchanting tales that include the other enigmatic vampires that we meet toward the end and who is affected by the outcome of the characters’ mission.

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