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The Dream-Walker War

Book 1: Blood Rage
Book 2: Blood-Mage Rising
Book 3: Prophecy of Blood

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The Dream-Walker War, Book 2
ISBN: 9781927368961
April 2012
Evernight Publishing
285 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Bloody Baron Jordan MacNaught has ruled the Aristocrats in England during his reign of terror, ended after two centuries by Christine ‘Chris’ Javert. Apparently living a demure lifestyle since then, an attack that leaves his wife dead pulls him into the start of war meant to turn all the other races against the Blood (vampires).

Chris Javert is asked by the Circle to investigate who the new Aristocrats are. Even though there is a lot of bad blood between them, Jordan approaches her with a proposal she cannot refuse–help him hunt those who killed his wife.

Throughout the hunt, Chris is wary of Jordan, who once buried her alive. Jordan, instead, has his own ulterior motives. Bodies are piling up quickly all over the world and time is running out while the hunt takes a turn for the bizarre. So they face something neither has ever encountered before, struggling also against an attraction towards each other neither can deny. Will they be able to overcome the odds and find the new Aristocrats before time runs out and all-out war breaks?

Why oh why do I have to wait for the next book in the series? This is one unconventional paranormal romance. Jordan is nowhere near the hero readers will expect. Unlike most, he has no regrets over his past. He is manipulative, arrogant and never leaves an opportunity to relive the old days. The chemistry between him and Chris is simmering and the romance is more like a bad guy corrupting the ‘trying’ to be a nice girl. Chris is also an unconventional heroine who can be brutal when required. But if she is no softie, she is very loyal to her friends. Do not expect any expressions of love from them, though I think they will eventually come into it. For now do not expect a HEA. Instead, readers can expect action, torture, manipulation and fight against time to keep them on the edge of their seats with adventure and sizzling scenes. OooOooo…I love it! The fifth cup is for the cliffhanger in the end I could not anticipate, which will have me sweating and guessing till the next book comes out, in the hope the author finally answers all the mysteries she leaves unsolved in this.

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