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ISBN: 9781607353492
July 2011
Resplendence Publishing. LLC
145 Pages
Erotic Romance; Paranormal; GLBT
Rating: 4 Cups

Drake Brokk knows that on paper, his arms dealership is on the up and up. However, when every paranormal being starts requesting weapons, Drake knows something else is going on.

Elijah Abrams is not really an FBI agent; instead he is a Fallen Angel who knows that rumors of Armageddon have started to circulate among the paranormal crowd. He has been secretly investigating Drake in the hopes of hearing more but he never expected to find the arms dealer so sexy.

Drake should have known that there was more to Elijah than what met the eye. He has had sudden appearances of FBI agents in the past, but none have repeatedly visited like Elijah has been doing. Finding out that Armageddon is coming is hard enough to grasp, but finding out that Elijah is truly a Fallen Angel makes his desire for the sexy man all the more unrealistic, and yet has him craving Elijah even more. Can Drake and Elijah stop Armageddon before it is too late, and will they get a chance at a relationship when it is strictly forbidden?

You have a red-hot Angel, a not-so legal arms dealer, and a war that is infamous no matter where its name is mentioned all rolled into a book that packs a powerful punch. Blood of the Fallen has a subject matter that has been talked about time and again but one thing makes this story stand out. Ms. Rebel has taken a unique approach using a Fallen Angel, who is trying to get back into heaven, and partnering him with a man who has sometimes questionable ethics. The passion is bold, the adventure is rocking, and the characters are sassy enough to keep you reading until the very end. What an enjoyable read this turned out to be!

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