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Dragon’s Blood
Blood Bought

ISBN#: 9781607352228
December 2010
Resplendence Publishing
93 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Meda was devastated when her husband was killed in a car crash. Subsequently, she had a miscarriage which ended her hopes of having children. She has started over in another state, but still does not have a social life.

Lucan found out that he was a dragon the hard way; he burst into flames while driving his car on a winding road. He has never really come to terms with his new life or with losing his wife Meda.

Lucan is a Cruentus dragon and his solitary habits have prompted the nickname “Lone Wolf” among the other dragons. At first he is angry when his brother brings him the name of his probable mate, until he sees that she is the wife he was forced to leave behind. Now all he has to do is convince her that he is really alive, a dragon, and that he wants her to become one also.

After this story, I am definitely going to have to add dragon shifters to my list of favorites. Lucan is brooding and intense, but has a reason for his bad attitude. Meda is likable and her reactions to finding her dead husband breathing fire on her attackers is realistic, as are all of her actions and reactions. The dragon world is interesting and I enjoyed learning about them. The plot of the story is exciting and filled with Djinn villains and Dragon heroes. The rest of the series is definitely on my to buy list.

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