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ISBN Number: 978-1-60088-507-5
January 2010
Cobblestone Press, LLC
56 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gabrielle is a witch and guardian with a major crush on sexy Lt Germaine of the NYPD. Unfortunately, he refuses to acknowledge the paranormal aspects of life as much as possible, even though he is a shape shifter himself. So while still gorgeous, he is also a “jerk” in Gabrielle’s eyes.

Sheppard “Shep” Germaine is a heroic cop who just wants a normal NYC life, but he has trouble reconciling his desire for Gabrielle with his fear of facing his paranormal side as a shape-shifting wolf. When a paranormal killer emerges, Shep decides to stop fighting his attraction for Gabrielle and goes to her for help.

The “Ritual Killer” brings the two together, and the danger level is as high as the sexual sparks that ignite the couple. Will they stop the killer before he murders again or turn his sights on the cop and his lover?

Blood on the Moon is a really good and sexy paranormal who-done-it. What I like about Shep is how he faces his paranormal versus human sides. It makes him sympathetic in a way that many will find endearing. Gabrielle’s reactions to his attitude are appropriately angry, exasperated, and comical while displaying understandable emotions. The premise of the story is excellent but busy. The support characters set up the background well, but I did think the mother’s character was a bit inconsistent. The sex is good-like a year’s worth of chocolate is good. Blood on the Moon is an almost perfect short story as it entices early, thrills throughout, and ends smoothly. Congratulations to Ms O’Donnell.

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