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Wolf Creek Series

Book 1 - Full Moon Mating
Book 2 - Just a Taste of Me
Book 3 - Tasty Treats Volume 3: Man to Man
Book 4 - Blood Prince
Book 5 - Love Always, Promise
Book 6 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Book 7 - Pretty Baby
Book 8 - Blood Contract

ISBN#: (13) 978-1-60601-719-7/(10) 1-60601-719-5
November 2009
Siren Publishing
154 Pages
EROTIC Romance Vampires/Werewolves Alternative (M/M or F/F)
Rating: 5 cups

Devlin Morgan is a werewolf and has been entrusted by his alpha to return the body of a dead vampire princess to her brother. He is very nervous because vampires and werewolves have been deadly enemies for nearly 500 years.

Zacarius Ivinovav, a vampire prince does not have the same reservations about associating with werewolves that most of his coven does. Unlike most of his coven, he can remember what it was like before the war that drove a wedge between their two peoples.

When Devlin arrives at Zacarius’ home, he has no idea he is about to meet one of the sexiest men he has ever laid eyes on, instead he is worried about what Zacarius might do to him since he is bringing the man’s dead sister back. When it becomes apparent to him almost immediately that the instant attraction is mutual, he attempts to resist. However, all it takes is Zacarius trying out a special vampire “talent” he has to erode all of Devlin’s reservations. Their passion is scorching hot and both definitely want to continue exploring it,that is until it becomes apparent that someone has poisoned Zacarius. Will Zacarius survive the attempt on his life? If he does will the secret he holds keep Devlin with him always as he wants, or will it drive a wedge between them forever?

Whew! You know how they say that most writers write the same kinds of stories, and after a while you can anticipate how their stories are going to end? Well, let me assure that Ms. Glenn is not one of them. This is one author that can write anything, and I do mean anything and do it very well! This story had some twists and turns that I did not see coming making it a truly brilliant piece of work. The world building is extraordinary when it comes to the Wolf Creek Pack stories, but she outdid herself with Blood Prince. Zacarius really is not at all how I would visualize a vampire prince, oh, he can act like one on the outside in order to keep his rule, but he is not at all like that on the inside which I really loved. Devlin is not just your typical alpha type werewolf, he’s a typical man, and had me cracking up, as well as, wanting to smack the crap out of him on more than one occasion. The ending when I got I finally got there was so worth the wait that I turned around and re-read the book a second time. I highly recommend Blood Prince and the Wolf Creek Pack series to anyone who loves m/m and paranormal romance!

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