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The Dream-Walker War

Book 1: Blood Rage
Book 2: Blood-Mage Rising
Book 3: Prophecy of Blood

2013 Interview

The Dream-Walker War, Book 1
ISBN #: 9781927368510
February 2012
Evernight Publishing
$ 5.99
261 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Dara MacKechnie is the public face of the paranormal community. The centuries old vampire is both an enforcer of the rules and the assurance to the general public that the things that go bump in the night will not get them in their sleep.

Anthony Caldwell has been a vampire for over a thousand years, and Dara is one of his few regrets. He is handsome, aristocratic and very wealthy. He is also keeping an important and dangerous secret apart from his position as leader of the Inner Circle.

Dara blames Anthony for many things, the death of her family is the most important. The last of her family is very elderly and soon will not need protecting, but the rest of the paranormal world is in danger from a new incarnation of the Aristocrats, the group of rogue vampires who brutalized and turned her centuries before. She is forced to team up with her sworn enemy and former lover to fight the Aristocrats.

Blood Rage is an engrossing and often brutal novel of vampires in love and at war. Anthony and Dara have to resolve the misdirection and misunderstanding that separated them centuries before so they can fight the evil threatening their people in the present. The author has created a vividly exciting plot readers will be unable to put down. There are just enough flashbacks to explain the present and not bog down the reader with too much detail. I really loved this story and hope to read more of the Dream-Walker War series, there are so many more interesting characters I want to know more about.

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