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ISBN# (10)148203901/(13) 9781482039016
February 2013
Self Published
254/281 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Trina is the last known bloodwitch. The witches have bound her powers and banished her to the human world after her parents’ murder ten years before by vampires, but now those bindings are now weakening. As her sister is kidnapped to use as a lure, Trina decides to hide on shifter lands until events lead to her receiving protection from the Leo, which means becoming his concubine.

Merrick is a lion shifter and the Leo of the pack. The seemingly incurable shifter disease has become more rampant. A mystery woman has been sneaking into the Den for weeks now, by-passing all of his guards. She intrigues him and his beast, so he offers her protection to keep her close. Trina belongs with him, and he will go to any length to convince her of it, even to the point of placing her before his life and his pack.

Her blood is very powerful for all races, having a big significance for each. She has to rescue her sister, avoiding vampires and witches, and find a cure for the mysterious disease infecting shifters. There is also an added menace from the possibility of traitors to the pack. Merrick has to convince her not only that she belongs with him, but that she does not have to be alone, accepting help before it is too late.

There is a different take on the oft used themes of vampires, witches and shape-shifters that is engrossing and somewhat unique, making the story a compelling and entertaining read. Merrick’s persistence to convince Trina to be with him balances out the single-minded devotion she has of putting everyone else’s safety before her own. Everything is wrapped up nicely at the end, and there is potential for other stories set in the world created.

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