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ISBN#: Unavailable
July 15, 2009
Mystic Moon Press
210 Pages
Blood Tear Trilogy, Supernatural, Dark Fantasy, Vampire, Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Aloisia Zanadel realizes as an Avenger that any relationship with a Bloodbane would never work out, yet she has never forgotten Asher. He was the only person she ever dated.

Asher is one of the Pyroenchanters with Cinder. He is not too far away stealing souls; building his strength up for when he once again faces Aloisia.

Aloisia knows there is a difference between a vampyre and a vampire, and she wishes neither to roam her body. The last two years has been a confusion and she is tired of the riddles from the Bloodbanes. It appears every time she encounters or kills the Bloodbane, she gathers their powers. She wonders where Diablo is and what he is up too. Diablo has been collecting the Bloodbanes he trusts. Aloisia really cannot dwell too long on Diablo or Asher since the Soul Collector wants her soul and is coming after her. She must save her strength for any battle. Will she be able to face the evil again and come out winning?

Frozen Heart is filled with excitement and anticipation as Aloisia tackles many obstacles. Corrine Shroud instils another wonderful story that follows Aloisia, and her friends, into a world that mesmerizes the reader. I sat on the edge-of-my-seat as Aloisia’s enemies scheme a way to win any battle with her. This fast paced story is well-written with secondary characters that blend in with a touch of mystery and suspense along the way. I like the fact that Aloisia is still her feisty self. She is certainly someone I would like in my corner. I read the first book, The Burning Rose, and loved it as much as I did this one. Hold onto your seats, the ride will get bumpy, but it is a ride that one will never forget.

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