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The Dragon King series
Prequel book-Silent Warrior
Book 1: Caged Warrior
Book 2: Blood Warrior
Book 3: Hunted Warrior

Book # 2 in the Dragon King series
ISBN# (10) 1451695926, (13) 9781451695922
July 30, 2013
Pocket Books Publishing
400 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kavya wants to unite the five tribes to put an end to war and hate. She hopes to be a figure of hope and peace. When Tallis arrives, she starts feeling emotions and desires that she never knew she was capable of feeling. And when her brother finds her, she must abandon her people and flee before he kills her. Thankfully, she has Tallis to protect her and help her become stronger, but at the risk of her heart.

Tallis is determined to kill the Sun, Kavya, who has tormented him for a decade and persuaded him to do despicable things. When he encounters Kavya in person, she is even more enticing and desirable, but as he spends time with her he begins to realize she does not act like the woman from his dreams. Now he is at war with himself. Old anger and hate still fester inside his soul, but protectiveness and love for Kavya are beginning to take over. Which is the real Kavya? Can he find out before it is too late for her or him?

Tallis of Pendray loathes the woman who calls herself the Sun. She has bewitched and seduced him in his dreams for over a decade. After all these years he has found her and will kill her for the wrongs she has done. Kavya, who is known as the Sun, is not at all like the woman from his dreams. She is honest, brave, passionate, and above all, she is real. Now as they run from her brother the desire between them grows along with their feelings. Tallis helps her see the person that she wants to be and also see the future she wants, with him.

Kavya and Tallis are a fun couple. They play well off each other. Her people are strong telepathically while his are physically strong. Although they are opposites in their natural talents, they are similar in their beliefs and values. They both help each other become better. The fight scenes and the intensity of the plot grow with each turn of the page. The passion between Tallis and Kavya is scorching hot and the intimacy is sweet. Overall a very pleasant read that feeds the reader’s curiosity about the world the author created. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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