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The Otherworld Series
Book 1: Witchling
Book 2: Changeling
Book 3: Darkling
Book 4: Dragon Wytch
Book 5: Night Huntress
Book 6: Demon Mistress
Book 7: Bone Magic
Book 8: Harvest Hunting
Book 9: Blood Wyne

Book 9 in The Otherworld Series
ISBN#: (13)9780425239742/(13)9781101468692/(13)9781101477038
February 2011
Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Menolly D’Artigo has just been through one hellacious encounter with a vamp that raped, tortured, and mutilated her body. All she wants to do is relax with her lover Nerissa, manage her bar, and enjoy some of her sumptuous loving but before she can, destruction comes knocking again.

Roman is an ancient and powerful vampire. His interest in Menolly is not just business.

Chase Johnson was a full blooded human (FBH) before he was given the Nectar of Life to save him. Now he is practically immortal and he needs Menolly’s help in stopping a vampire who is on a killing spree.

There is something about Roman’s arrogance and determination that calls to Menolly’s baser needs and soon she finds herself wrapped up in his life and his sheets. When he “asks” a favor of her, she knows that she cannot deny him, mainly due to his ancient powers, but also because of how he affects her. To top it off, Chase needs her help with the serial killer vamp and it brings a lot of trouble onto Menolly’s already overflowing plate. Can she solve the case, find time with Nerissa, help Roman with his agenda, run her bar, and still have time to kick some serious butt when danger comes calling too close to home?

I will start off by saying Blood Wyne is a great paranormal novel full of interesting characters, sensational sex, and fighting scenes that leave you reeling. However, if you have not read all of Ms. Galenorn’s other novels in this series I feel you may be lost at times. I know I have read a couple of her other books in this series and I found myself trying to figure out what I missed by not reading the whole string of novels. Even with the air of confusion surrounding me at times, I still had plenty of events and complications to keep me entertained throughout the pages. If you are a fan of Ms. Galenorn’s and have followed The Otherworld Series from the beginning then this novel will not disappoint you. If you have not, I would suggest reading the first eight novels before this one so you have time to understand the chaos that reigns within this tale.

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