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ISBN#: 9781632164865
February 6, 2015
Dreamspinner Press
E-book / Paperback
$ 6.99 / $ 14.99
220 Pages
M/M, Steampunk, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

When the airship Antoine Suvalese is traveling and comes under attack by the ruthless Bloody Aria, he is the only one of his crew to be taken hostage. It turns out that the captain of the infamous pirate ship, Rivas the Ramshot, knows Antoine is the favorite son of a wealthy coal mining magnate, and he expects to ransom Antoine for a handsome reward. Antoine wants to stay alive, so allows himself to be put to work alongside the crew. Despite his reservations, he nurtures a growing attraction for Rivas, even though he knows he is nothing more than a hostage to the violent captain.

In this, though, Antoine is wrong. Rivas has been attracted to him since before he kidnapped Antoine. Something about the man captivated Rivas since the first moment he laid eyes on him. His motives for capturing Antoine are secretly more than just a monetary exchange, and for the short while he has him, Rivas is determined to make Antoine want him.

Working alongside the crew of the Bloody Aria, Antoine begins to see each member as an individual, with his own story to tell. At the same time, he sees that everyone has his own agenda, and he does not know who to trust. It is a fascinating world, one Antoine has never experienced. If this is to be his life’s adventure, he gives in to it and enjoys it. He also gives in to Rivas and enjoys the handsome but frightening pirate captain who is determined to have him.

I liked this book. There was a definite romantic story-line between Rivas and Antoine that had me turning the pages to find out what happened next. And I enjoyed reading the politics between the crew and learning each crew member’s personal story. There was a great amount of consideration to the development of the story overall and the different parts of the story which made it more than just a romance between the two main characters.

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