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ISBN: 9781619228467
26 May 2015
Samhain Publishing Ltd.
157 Pages
GLBT, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Trainspotting is a hobby Sam Chancellor puts all his passion into. Which considering, is probably why he has no friends his own age. Normally he does not mind his quiet life, but since catching a glimpse of Bess’s new driver he feels completely out of sorts.

The only thing Cardale has to offer, in Ryan Saunder’s opinion, is the beautiful old passenger train Bess. He is used to the nightlife and excitement of London, not a dinky little town that rolls its sidewalks up at six.

Screwing up every ounce of courage he possesses, Sam takes the plunge and says hello to Bess’s new driver. Ryan is his every fantasy come to life, and it feels like a dream when Ryan actually takes notice. Underneath the baggy clothes and shy personality, Ryan is astounded to find that Sam is equally as stunning and eager. Ryan has never really made anything of his life or even wanted a real relationship, but with his job on the line and a past that is less than stellar he wishes for more than he knows he deserves.

Even a geeky trainspotter can get lucky once in a while, yet it is the playboy Ryan who is given an opportunity he never sees coming. Sam is as honest as they come and naive to a fault, but he is certainly nobody’s push-over. Even as jaded as Ryan thinks himself to be, he does not stand a chance against Sam’s big heart. The laughter and kind-hearted teasing that goes on between Sam and Ryan is so much fun to read, which, in my opinion, makes their steamier moments even more potent.

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