Coffee Time Romance & More






ISBN#: Unavailable
May 2009
Sugar and Spice Press
28 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rayna Wright is tired of being seen as a child incapable of taking care of herself. Okay as the blind child of the president there may be some truth to the assumption but she is not too blind to miss the man of her dreams, who has always been standing beside her.

Hurst Rodriguez has witnessed Rayna’s growth into womanhood and with each moment that passes his love for her deepens. He believes her to be out of his league until a life threatening act of nature forces him to change his point of view.

An avalanche has buried their chalet in a mountain of snow. The heat is dissipating fast and neither knows if they will survive. The dire circumstances will make these two evaluate their lives and come up with a new plan should they survive.

Imari Jade puts a new spin on the usual love story between people who are separated only by their stations in life. I loved how with every breath she is telling her Dad she doesn’t need the secret service while at the same time unable to see her life without her bodyguard. I found the entertaining tale to be an excellent pause in my busy life. Well worth reading by anyone who appreciates the mysteries of true love.

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