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ISBN: 9781509202829
August 19, 2015
The Wild Rose Press
264 pages
Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

Rose, a simple witch, has recently found the body of her ex-husband, boots up, buried in her rose garden. Wanting to solve the mystery of the body, she consults a friend, who suggests a necromancer. Turns out that necromancer is mighty hot ... and seems to know more about her situation than first thought. Raising her dead ex-husband, Eddie, turns out to be a catalyst for her discovery of her mysterious family legacy, powers she never thought to have, and a duty to protect the world from demons.

Matthias, an enigmatic necromancer, along with raising her ex offers her his help with whatever she needs, including ushering her zombie-fied husband around. He seems to have a wealth of information about the truth behind her grandmother, who and what Rose really is, and her burgeoning powers, but cannot or will not talk. He offers to help her find out what happened with her husband, the crime boss that hired him, and the wealthy, power hungry old man who is behind it

It turns out that her shifty ex-husband had ran afoul of a local crime boss and the man who hired him Mr. Vigil. He was paid to retrieve a cup, in Rose’s possession, that supposedly was a family heirloom of Mr. Vigil’s family. Eddie’s body was left as a clue for Rose, because Mr. Vigil wants that cup no matter what. Things are more complicated than just solving a murder. She has to deal with learning of a surprising heritage, new powers, and to top it off a sacred duty to protect the world from demons. First, she has to wring the answers from the group of strangers who know what she needs to know in time to embrace her destiny and solve Eddie’s murder.

Despite the fact that this story had some good ingredients, some humor, a quirky heroine and a hot necromancer, they did not mix well to create a good story to me. There was more telling than showing happening and at times it was predictable. The characters did not seem to have very much depth to them and Rose’s descriptions were sometimes negative. Rose and Matthias’s relationship did not seem true, as if it were almost just an afterthought. I had a hard time liking Rose; she had a lot of internal monologue that was pretty pessimistic, especially towards herself.

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