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Libros de Amor, Book One
ISBN# 2940148441304
July 2013
Kate Hofman
101 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Rafael de Córdoba is a famous author who is in between books when his close friend, Tom Fredericks, asks him to be the anonymous Aunt Grace, giving advice in Tom's magazine. As he needs to move on from his previous characters to work on a new book, Rafael agrees.

Cynthia Wynne is a star ballerina who had to quit because of an injury and now runs her own ballet school. Against her better judgment, she writes a letter to Aunt Grace expressing her disappointment about the trip to Barcelona and Spanish men.

Tom, playing the matchmaker, first gives the letter to Rafael who gives a scathing reply, then Tom arranges for Rafael and Cynthia to meet; making sure Rafael knows she is the one who wrote the letter. Mutual attraction does its work and Tom's matchmaking is a success when Rafael and Cynthia start seeing each other and fall in love. An unexpected pregnancy, a misunderstanding and pure mule-headedness puts everything on halt, breaking Cynthia's heart in the process. Will they find their way back to each other or carry on alone?

While the premise of the story promised to be interesting and different, the actual story felt a little too unbelievable. Mainly the characters' lives and interactions felt as if they were playing house rather than living actual lives. Some endearments would have been nice and realistic if used on occasions depending on the situation, instead of being used in every other sentence. It was honestly annoying after a point and so was Cynthia's oversensitivity and how she is constantly coddled by everyone; Rafael's confusion and stubbornness, and mostly know-it-all, Tom. What was Maia's contribution to the storyline? I have no idea but the character was absurd and her inclusion made no sense. Overall, this was a bit over the top in every aspect for this reader.

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