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ISBN: 978-0-06-166918-7
May 19, 2009
272 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Working the press line for Substance magazine is not how Emma Swanson envisioned her career. Hollywood parties and premiers might seem like the job of a lifetime, but in reality she is just one more annoying reporter shoving a recorder in someone’s face.

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is the perfect playground for a modern “working” woman like Jessica, and she plays the game better than most. She takes her payment in gifts rather than cash, and whatever her heart desires she receives, with the client getting exactly what they wish for - a woman who walks away.

Emma wants the world to see her for who she is as a journalist, and she believes that becoming a feature writer is the only way to accomplish her goal. With that in mind, she pitches a story to her editor involving the elite in Hollywood’s newest wave of prostitution. Jessica is her central player for the story, but Emma soon finds herself the focus of Jessica’s manipulations. Emma alienates herself from family and friends in order to capture what she hopes is the launching point of her career, but what she finds strikes a much deeper chord.

I am not entirely sure how we are expected to respond to Emma and her study subjects. Feeling sorry for the rich and spoiled is hardly my reaction, and in my opinion Emma falls into this category right along with Jessica. The fact that Emma is constantly whining about her job, family, and friends makes me like her less than Jessica, who is blatantly condescending and manipulative. Their story almost has a feel of desperation, and I cannot imagine them ever achieving true happiness or satisfaction.

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