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ISBN: 9780425232699-Paperback/ 978110181126/ 9781101185933-eBook
March 2010
Heat Book, an imprint of Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Paperback/ eBook
$15.00-USA/ 18.50-CAN
Erotic Romance; Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Valerie McMasters lives in Dallas and is getting ready to start a new job with three other doctors. Before she can get on with her future, she must confront her past.

Mason Parks still loved his ex-wife. Now that she was coming back to the ranch, he was determined to get her to open up about her feelings.

Valerie knew that coming back to Oklahoma would stir up old memories. Seeing Mason with his good looks, piercing gaze, and scorching touch has her aching for something more. But she has a life to get back to and her stay at her childhood home is only temporary. Right?

I thought that Bound was a good tale, bringing a richness to the story of how a man and wife still have feelings even after two years. The push and pull attraction and agonizing feelings that Mason and Valerie have for each other are very evident, practically pulsating off the pages. I really enjoyed reading this story.


Brea McMasters tries her hardest not to be noticed, wearing concealing clothing and hiding behind her hair. After her sister Jolene takes her to get a makeover, she cannot hide behind anything except her fantasies and her books.

Gage Reilly is a drifter, a man who travels from job to job and woman to woman. While he does not sleep around like he did as a teenager, he lets women know that there will never be a relationship or marriage in his future.

Brea notices Gage’s sexy body and spectacular presence right away. She figures she can just fantasize about the sexy cowhand because there is no way a hot man like that would ever notice her. But Gage does notice and is determined to break through her shell and bring out the passionate woman lurking just beneath. When all is said and done though, will Brea be able to let Gage go without getting her heart broken?

Branded is a touching story about a woman with a realistic self-image problem and a man who does not understand what love is. I thought the way Gage was sweet and tough, bold and soft, gentle and rough with Brea showed me how dynamic of a character he was and how amazingly perfect his characteristic fit with Brea’s. I really enjoyed this amazing tale and you will too!


Jolene McMasters has been taking care of the ranch since her uncle got sick. Everyone knows what she says goes but sometimes she wished a certain cowhand would see her as a woman.

Walker Morgan knows that Jolene desires him. He feels the same way but refuses to mix business with pleasure.

Jolene devises a plan to get Walker into bed. When that does not work she tries something else. Just about ready to give up, he finally comes to her and it sparks a red-hot affair. But someone from Walker’s past threatens them if their liaison does not end.

Brazen was a bold, sassy, zesty tale with a woman who is so full of spice that she had me cracking up with her antics. I love Jolene’s character and thought she fit perfectly with Walker’s calm demeanor. The story of boss versus employee just added to this already sizzling tale making me enjoy it that much more. What an enticing story to end this lovely novel.

Bound, Branded, & Brazen was a great anthology that just kept the characters and storylines coming. Jaci Burton uses brash, strong, and independent women to make this novel well-developed and full of enchanting tales. I love how all of the characters are in each of the stories and not only do we get to see each individual love story we get to see how the other characters are getting along. It gives this book closeness to the reader that one would not always get with anthologies. I am very happy with this novel and will be sure to remember it for quite some time.

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