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ISBN#: 9781573447928
June 2012
Cleiss Press
Trade Paperback
211 Pages
Fiction, Erotica, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Reclaiming Spring

The weather may be a contributing factor to Kate’s mood, but the real reason goes much deeper.

He knows how much this time of year is bothering Kate, only Anthony is not about to let her shut him out.

There was a time Kate and Anthony nearly gave up on their marriage, yet they refused to let it happen. Now Kate is remembering her part in their problems, and Anthony is right there to help her clear her mind.

I love that this couple does not play the blame game, instead they work to put the past behind them, and what cannot be forgotten is used to strengthen their bond.

Being His Bitch

Rosie can barely contain her excitement thinking of theme night at the club.

Tonight Dev puts his talents to work on a much more intimate canvas, and the results are stunning.

From her head to her feet Rosie is every inch Dev’s pet, and she cannot wait to play. Her master has full control, giving Rosie the freedom to savor every moment of night to come.

Throw your inhibitions out the window, and just enjoy what Dev and Rosie have to offer.

Spring Training

More than anything Erin wants to forget she ever knew another man’s body.

Their past makes them who they are, yet Josh is very willing to help Erin forget hers if that is what she wants.

Josh and Erin devise a plan to help her build newer and better memories. This is not something that will happen overnight. If they are lucky it could take the rest of their lives.

In my opinion these two have the right idea. If you cannot banish the old, work on making the new so amazing you can barely remember what came before.

A Preference for Deference

That last thing Nancy wants to do is join a bible study, when she would much rather spend her time alone with her partner.

Lisa wants to share her love of God with her partner, so one little Saturday morning at church seems like the perfect start.

As much as she grumbles and growls on the inside Nancy tries to be good for Lisa’s sake, only this time it is Lisa who has other ideas.

While this may not be the most appropriate venue for what Lisa has planned, it sure is fun to read.

The Heart of Chaos

She has worked so long and hard on this show Molly freaks when she finds out her model has fallen ill.

In their private lives Skip has no problem being Molly’s perfect masochist. Public displays not so much.

If she had any other alternative Molly would never ask Skip to fill in for her model, but she is desperate. Skip agrees and the show takes on a life of its own.

Fear can be a thrilling thing if you have someone you love and trust by your side. And this story shows just how exciting a little danger can be.

Under the Clock

When Liv made the promise she had no idea just how hard it would be.

Testing her and watching her squirm heightens everything for Reuben.

This place has become their spot. This is where they met, and now this is where they play.

It is amazing how the busier a place can be the more isolated it can feel, and for Liz and Reuben this is something they use to perfection.


Every time he shows up at her door Juliet Gray has a harder time telling herself no.

Joshua will paint the entire house top to bottom if that will allow him one more day with her.

The more she gives in to his needs, the more Juliet’s own grow. This young man, too young for her, is giving her something she fears she may not be strong enough to resist much longer.

Despite Joshua’s age he is an adult, and it seems to me that he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.


It is so hard for Mai Ling to express how she feels in words. Her brush speaks much louder than her voice.

Each day Gregory can feel her slipping further and further away, and he has no idea why.

Mai Ling loves everything about Gregory, especially his size and strength, but she needs more, she just does not know how to tell him. Gregory can see the conflict going on in Mai Ling’s eyes, but it is her brush that tells him everything he needs to know.

The quiet one’s surprise you every time, and it is so great to see Gregory become every bit the man Mai Ling needs him to be.

No Sleep

A relationship of convenience is not so convenient when he lives 50 miles away, but his rule of no sleepovers is non-negotiable.

She loves how he makes her feel…everything.

The hotel is exactly what she hoped for and he does not disappoint either. Their afternoon is raunchy, dirty, and sexy as hell.

There is something to be said for letting your darker desires free reign, and this woman revels in her bad girl.

Crossing The Line

His one tiny little quirk looms large the closer it comes to his wedding day.

Therese is thrilled with her new husband, even more so now that she can reveal her own kink.

Their wedding is beautiful. Their honeymoon however is more than he could have ever hoped for. Therese embraces his proclivities fully, and her disciplinary control is the perfect accompaniment.

It is a beautiful thing to see how Therese and her husband complement each other so entirely.

A Few Things To Pick Up On Your Way Home

As busy as their lives get Jake knows just how to keep the fire alive.

The embarrassment is all part of the thrill for Gabrielle when Jake plays his little game.

Getting Gabrielle to describe the items lining the shelves has Jake just as worked up as she is. This kinky little shopping trip is panning out to be the perfect workup to a wonderfully sexy evening.

Foreplay comes in many varieties and this one looks like a real winner.

Life Lines

Nature is all fine and dandy Jacqueline would just prefer it a little later in the day.

For Mark nothing beats a beautifully crisp morning on the mountain, especially when he gets to share it with the right woman.

Jacqueline has to admit the view is well worth the effort, and the chill of the morning is a distant memory the moment Mark decides to let nature takes its course. He has the most amazing ability to make her soar in ways she never expects.

This story shows you just how much fun communing with nature can really be.


Every day of his life Ronan is reminded that he is nothing like his bigger, better, and stronger brother.

When she meets him in the bookstore Marcelle feels an instant connection.

At eighteen Ronan leaves home to experience life on his own terms, and then he meets Marcelle. She is shockingly blunt, painfully honest, and takes Ronan to heights he could only dream of.

Life can be so difficult if you do not fit into society’s idea of normal, and I am glad to see a young man like Ronan who sticks to his own path.


The sounds of nature have Cathy ready to commit bloody bird-icide.

If he is going to save their vacation Ben is going to have to get creative in a hurry.

School and lack of sleep has taken its toll on Cathy, so it is a good thing Ben knows just how to get her to distress. Once Ben takes matters into his own hands, Cathy is able to bust right through the pressure of the last few months.

Some women need a good cry to feel cleansed. Thankfully Cathy and Ben have a much sexier way to relieve the tension.

Slave Sister

It is so hard watching him leave for his business trips that Saphina wishes for a little company while he is away.

Thinking it over Michael decides a companion for Saph may be a nice addition to their home.

When they arrive at the club Saph has no idea that Michael is giving her a gift, but she could not be happier when they take Liz home with them. Saph understands that Liz’s recent loss is going to take some gentle handling, but she has every confidence that Liz will fit right in.

I think it is great how Saph and Michael can see a missing element within their relationship and work together to fill that void.

A Beautiful Corpse

The saying that youth is wasted on the young does not hold true for Michelle and her husband.

He looks back on the days when life was one crazy adventure after another, and through it all he is with Michelle.

Their aches and pains tell the story of their lives. They may not be able to play as hard and fast they used to, but today feels almost like old times.

This story just goes to show that we do not get older just more seasoned, and while you may not be hanging from the chandelier a little ingenuity goes a long way.

Eine Klein Spanking

Screwing up her courage Audrey finally introduces herself to her sexy new neighbor.

English may not be Wolfgang’s first language, but body language is universal.

Audrey has never had to control her sexual impulses with any of her lovers however Wolfgang is a completely different challenge. The man is tremendously sweet when what Audrey really wants is down and dirty.

Sometimes all it takes is the right person to tap into your hidden desires, and luckily it seems that Audrey is finding all of Wolfgang’s.

Defining The Terms

There are days when the words do not want to flow, unfortunately for Shar this is one of those days.

James can see the difficulty Shar is having, however he does not let that stand in his way.

At the moment sex is the last thing on Shar’s mind, although it seems James has other ideas. James commands Shar’s attention by taking it, making her frustration over her work slowly melt away.

Anger and passion can and do go hand in hand with James and Shar, and the result is explosive.

Devil’s Night

Tonight of all nights Ariel wants to make a good impression with Tanner’s friends, her nerves however have her questioning if she should even be here.

The time he has spent with Ariel has Tanner thinking that maybe she is ready for something more.

As Ariel waits for Tanner to return to the party she gets a very unwelcome surprise in the form of her firm’s bike messenger. She should not get worked up over another man when she has a perfect one of her own, but sometimes the body does not listen to the head.

I think this little setup could backfire in so many ways, yet that uncertainty makes it all the hotter.

If you like to see the water’s tested in a variety of BDSM ways this is a perfect place to start. In a read like this you get a real feel for how everyone’s different kinks and quirks can make life so much more interesting. There is such a broad spectrum throughout these stories it is hard to put down once you get it started. I could not wait to see what the next one held.

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