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March 4 2016
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
308 pages
Paranormal, Fantasy Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Tala Westbrook, a wildlife photographer just wrapped up a shoot in England, and as a favor for her father, checks in at the family manor in Staffordshire to see about getting renovations started. When she spots a shadowy figure and possible trespasser, she gives chase which turns out to be a bad idea when the tables are turned and she becomes the chased. Luckily she is saved from a grim fate by a handsome warrior who seems to come out of nowhere with hard to believe stories. Instead of getting renovations started she finds herself drawn into a war, a paranormal war whose origins are in another dimension. Despite her great peril she finds her attraction to her gruff guardian growing.

Micah Berrington, an elite guardian from the realm of the Bewitan Fierd is used to protecting men in great peril and not performing baby-sitting duty. He never expected to do more than watch, so is surprised when he has to rescue his charge from rogue shape shifters. He was also not expecting to find himself accompanying her after she had made a vow to the remaining guard of the gate leading to another dimension and world of the shape shifters, to find one of the keys needed for that gate. Usually at the end of a mission, the guardian wipes any memory of him from his charge’s mind, this time however he finds himself reluctant to even think about it as he is drawn to her strongly.

Unknown to the world, there has been a paranormal war fought beneath its notice between shape shifters, and rebels from another dimension, who had been exiled there long ago. Unexpectedly Micah finds himself involved thanks to his oath to protect Tala who has in turn promised to help the remaining guard. What begins as a simple guard mission between Tala and Micah, ends up being the beginning of a perilous adventure that spans time and continents to aid the remaining guard to the portal, find the keys, and get him home before it is too late for the world. Along with everything is their budding love which might be stopped by the rules of the ancient Bewitan Fierd which was created long ago.

Though the words and descriptions were very eloquent and flowed lyrically they were a bit too much for me and stole attention from the story. The story reminded me more of a historical novel, which is usually more complicated word-wise, rather than one set in a contemporary setting. The novel was slow-paced despite the character’s stated urgency for events. The origins of the Bewitan Fierd along with the limit of their powers, especially their ability to alter time, were difficult to understand. Sometimes their powers seemed limited and others they were omnipotent, maybe in further books they will be explained more. Unfortunately this story just did not appeal to me.

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