Coffee Time Romance & More




Bound, Book 1
ISBN# 978-1-59578-890-0
February 20th, 2012
Liquid Silver Books
52 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Lucy George’s current job as a security consultant has her inspecting the security at vampire labor camps. Her knowledge has taught her to be one thing, till she sees Gabriel, and begins to question it. An escape was not something that she predicted. She just thinks she needs to get out in one piece and not be kidnapped. She chooses to help and go along with Gabriel, and begins to see him as something more than just a “tick”.

Gabriel Leglise, an elder vampire imprisoned in a labor camp, did not expect an escape so soon. He remembers his humanity, deciding that he will not let anything happen to Lucy. His decision has him protecting her from the feral vampires, and following her gives him an avenue of opportunity to get free. She seems to be different and may end up being more to him than just blood and help.

Gabriel’s two contacts are unable to aide him and he needs to get over state lines. After contacting people at her former job as a vampire activist for help, she begins to doubt her reasoning of leaving it. They both will have to reexamine their prejudices and work together evading the people that would keep them from getting free. They might also need each other for more than just getting there in one piece.

This is a good beginning for a new series. The relationship that evolves between Lucy and Gabriel starts off rather fast and intense though. The details of the world could stand to be explained a bit more and I hope more is explained in the next book, but over all it is still a good story. A world with vampires where they are not the big bosses, and they are in labor camps is something that is not really common and will be interesting to read about.

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