Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781615081851
February 2010
Sizzler Editions - A Renaissance E Books publication
56 Pages
Hetero Erotica; Bondage Erotica; BDSM Erotica
Rating 4 Cups

Dance of Tails

Tanya dances to the music using her favorite floggers as tools in such an erotic fashion Bela joins her on the stage. Can this lead to more after work?


Allison is the new toy bought by a submissive for his mistress. In a letter, she describes their evening’s activities so he knows how to please his mistress completely.

Uncertain moves

Iolite must tell Kerian that not only is she pregnant, but that the baby may not be his.


A follow on from the previous story, this time Kerian finds out who the other man in Iolite's life is, and he is not happy with the answer.


Reinhold has promised to give Lynne a chance a fair chance, but he is worried. Katalin is trying to talk him into being fair with her.


Lynne confronts Reinhold, but he is still concerned that it was not real, that she would only be a temporary addition to his life.


Lynne tempts Reinhold. He will never refuse her, but can he fully give himself to her?

Lost and Found

Reinhold is to meet Katalin for the first time. As his mate, he is destined to love her, but will she accept him and leave her family to be with him?

Bound to Me

Reinhold is writing a spell to bind Katalin to him, to give her the strength to put the past behind her and move forward.

Tangled Knot of Love

Reinhold has been working too hard and needs to relax. Katalin takes him to Kathy for some relaxation therapy.


When Sascha meets his heroine of the literary world, their meeting soon turns to the sex they have both been craving.

Fae Troubles

When Reinhold meets the Fae who is to help heal his heart and soul, her brothers are unhappy with the relationship.


Anne is over worked and stressed. Her Dominant has decided it is time to make her relax.

Moving on

Jason just had a one night stand with a younger man. Should he stay and help Keith change his life, or should he move on to the next town?

Fast Food

Courtney and Dan go to a secluded park where Dan is able to please his mistress.

Spanking Fu**

Trent has not been the best of slaves and now he must please both her and her friend.

This is a collection of short, hot and exciting tales put together into one amazing anthology. Sascha Illyvich has again brought us the extremes of erotic Dominant/submissive relationships. She is a master in the art of BDSM.

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