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Box of Nails Series

Book 1: This Old House
Book 2: This Young Stud
Book 3: Making Repairs

Box of Nails Series: Book 3
ISBN#: 9781610407939
August 6, 2014
Torquere Press
126 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

With his job, Officer Angus Deerguard sees first-hand how hard and cruel people can be to one another. Instead of letting his job harden him, he makes it a priority to help as many beaten down souls as he possibly can.

Each and every day Mike Banley relives the horror of being raped and beaten as part of a frat boy hazing. A little attic room is now his entire world, and the only thing that helps relieve the pain comes by the blade of a razor.

Catching a glimpse of Mike at a friend’s boarding house is all it takes for Angus to know this is a man skating the edge. Given his own history, Angus is sure he can help. If only Mike can see past his self-loathing and accept what Angus is offering. Mike is so much more than a broken boy, and Angus is ready to spend a lifetime showing him how beautiful he truly is. He must take baby steps to gain Mike’s trust, hoping against hope that he is not too late.

At the cusp of manhood Mike’s character is violated so cruelly it completely destroys his self-worth. Thankfully he is in a home where love, kindness, and friendship are freely given no matter how much or little he is able to return. His feelings and fears are so raw and jagged it tears you up to see how hard even the simplest tasks are for him. Fortunately Angus is a big man, filled to the brim with love and understanding, and if anyone can pull Mike back from the brink it will be him.

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