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Boycotts & BarfliesBOYCOTTS & BARFLIES
ISBN#: 9781936305003
Omnific Publishing
422 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Grace is tired of the complete duds she has been dating, and her friends are tired of rescuing her from said duds. Meg and Bianca are just as disenchanted with men and all three swear there must be a bar somewhere that all the good men go to and it must be a national secret. All three decide that a serious break is required, so they are boycotting men until the New Year.

Michael is tired of barflies. It seems that all the women he meets at work just want to try the sexy bartender but none of the aforementioned women have a brain. His best friends, Jack and Ryan, are just as disgusted with the caliber of women they have been dating so the three make a bet to steer clear of all barflies and find the place that all the smart women are going to.

All seems lost until they meet the women they call “naughty librarian”. The three will never know what hit them. Lives are about to change folks, and the only question left is who will be the victor -- the boycott or the barflies. To the victor go the spoils.

Meg is in the lead and swears she is going to win. Close on her heels is Bianca, and there is nothing standing between her and the prize. Pulling up in the rear is Grace, who has gone without men so long she thinks there is no way she could lose. Boycotts and Barflies is such an enchanting love story and within the pages of this book are six outstanding characters just waiting to meet you. I know these characters will stay with me forever, and I will be compelled to return for a repeat visit. The author has an amazing capacity for witty dialogue that enthralls and an ability to draw emotion from a stick in the mud. Picking up this book should be a priority just to see who wins. I am a new fan of Victoria Michaels, and I promise if you read this story you will become a fan too.

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