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Tales of the Dark World Series
Shifting Winds, Book 1
Hot Water, Book 2
Fire Season, Book 3
Ride the Lightening, Book 4
Common Ground, Book 5
Sunstroked, Book 6

Tales of the Dark World, Book 6.5
ISBN: 978-0-9834199-2-1
April 2011
Pink Petal Books
83 Pages
Erotic Vampire/mage Paranormal M/M Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

He has never known the depth of feeling that his best friends are experiencing right now, but Wilson North wants more than anything to be in their shoes. His life has always been free and easy, but since his accident his need for something more has grown tremendously.

Owner of one of the most exclusive BDSM clubs in Paris, Garrick Forrester is well known and admired, but his private life is very much that, private. Very few people know he is gay, and he maintains strict rules about never getting involved in a relationship with anyone.

The day of Seth and Corey’s wedding, Wil is feeling lower than he ever has in his life, until Garrick makes an appearance. The immediate animal attraction between Wil and Garrick is nearly overwhelming, because they both know this is it. Garrick knew he was going to meet his mate that day, but he also knew he would never be able to keep him. With a curse, and his ascension hanging over his head, Garrick does the only thing he can, even if it will destroy him.

The power of attraction between these two men is so primal that you can almost smell their heat. They crave each other like their next breath, and for every moment they spend together, you just want more. I would really like to see them teamed up in a broader scope, and see how they combine their strengths outside of their passion. This is a delicious addition to the Dark World series, and if read in order, each of the characters and their stories will just melt your heart.

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