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ISBN#: 9781627984409
February 5, 2014
Dreamspinner Press
154 Pages
Paranormal, Werewolves/Shapeshifters
Rating: 5 Cups

Brian is the alpha of a very small pack of werewolves. He is an artist and supports himself with his paintings.

Luke is human and homeless as well as jobless. He is on the way to visit the place his parents met when he stumbles on what he thinks is a group of Native Americans.

When Brian is asked for his help by a fellow werewolf, he has no idea that he is about to meet his mate. One look at Luke and Brian knows he has to help him. Human and helpless, Luke will be killed unless Brian claims him as his mate. Luke is less than enthused about the idea initially, but figures it is better than being murdered. As Brian and Luke work on getting to know each other and on Luke’s insecurities, they begin to fall in love. But will Brian be able to convince Luke that his love is real and that he wants him to stay or will Luke move on once his life is no longer in danger?

I have to say I really really LOVED this story! The emotions are so evocative that you cannot help but read until you have read the very last page. I also liked the fact that Brian was not the stereotypical alpha that you see in so many paranormal love stories. Sure, he is strong, but he is also in touch with his emotions and you do not see that as much in the current books in this genre. The love is real, the conflict is real and the emotions are real. Need I say more? And to top it off, this beautiful love story is a sweet romance, meaning I can share it with the younger girls I know who love m/m romance, and not be worried about them reading something they may not be ready for. 5 Cups for Brian’s Mate, just a super fantastic story!

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