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Cold Creek
Book 1: Shattered Secrets
Book 2: Forbidden Ground
Book 3: Broken Bonds

Cold Creek, Book 3
ISBN#: 9780778317357
30 December 2014
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Charlene Lockwood is back in Cold Creek after working out west as a social worker to the Navajo people. Her previous job was no piece of cake, but Char finds it difficult to connect with the mountain people of her hometown. On her way home one night, she discovers a truck clinging precariously to the side of the steep road.

Matt Rowan knows he is lucky that Char found him when she did. Someone ran his truck off the road on purpose, but he cannot be sure that he was the intended victim. Being the manager of the new luxury condos at Lake Azure has not exactly made him the town’s most popular person.

When Char’s job puts her in the position of nosing into the business of some locals who value their privacy, she realizes there is something seriously wrong going on in Cold Creek. As Matt and Char explore the chemistry that sparks between them, they delve into the tricky topic of land rights, money, and the developers that care nothing for the fate of the town or the land around it.

This latest installment of the Cold Creek series tackles the topic of fracking and how it impacts the culture and climate of the towns affected. Though Char is a well-developed character, Matt seems a little two-dimensional. In the end, this series would be better read in order as readers will have a tough time following the backstory of Char’s complicated family history.

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