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ISBN9781937593377 / 9781937593360
February 2012
World Castle Publishing
E-book / Paperback
$4.99 / $11.99
276 Pages
Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

In southeast Louisiana, Pamela Wells lives her life as a wildlife rehabilitator. In layman’s terms, she takes in unwanted animals and fixes them up ready to be sent back into the real world. She loves her job, but as always there is something to keep her down, mainly the jerk of her ex-husband.

Daniel Phillips is a former soldier who has served in Iraq. Back home, he does not seem to fit in, given his many anger issues as well as what the doctors call PTSD–Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. After a bar brawl, he must do some parole requirement, which leads him straight to Pamela and her wildlife sanctuary.

After a rocky start, Daniel and Pamela discover they have the same ideas. He relaxes a bit and finds the animals soothing. She confides about her illness and the reasons for being where she is. But again, circumstances change. Daniel disappears. Bob, her ex, shows up. In a pickle, what is a smart, grown-up woman to do?

Broken Wings is beautifully, written with characters that have all their flaws hanging out for the world to see. Yet, what they do with their flaws and strengths is the whole story. This is a wonderful way to heal, grow and find love in the process.

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