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ISBN# (10)0778326357)/(13)978-0778326359
April 1, 2009
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
376 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Harrison J. Walker lost his wife nearly ten years ago but still thinks of her, often dreaming about her. Known as ‘Jaywalker’, the criminal defense attorney is about to face a humdinger of a case.

Darren Kingston has been accused of raping five women. His mother is certain he is innocent. There is only one person she believes can help, the man they call Jaywalker.

Jaywalker is anxious to build his own practice when he receives a phone call from Mrs. Kingston. It appears her son, Darren, is in a lot of trouble. He has been accused of raping five white women. Darren is a good-looking, black man, who claims his innocence. Jaywalker agrees to take his case, realizing it could be one that will mark a crossroads in his life and career. The further he digs to find out the truth, it appears no matter how many times he studies the case and crosses a t, or dots an i, he is certain that nothing will ever look the same for him. Can Jaywalker find some legal technicality that will prove that Darren’s innocence or is everything over for him?

Bronx Justice is an edgy thriller that gives an adrenaline rush while looking at the American Judicial system. I was amazed how some wanted it to be an open and shut case, and Jaywalker refuses to allow that to happen. He is a powerful man with a heart of gold. This case pulls the reader into the 70’s when things were slightly different then today. It is gripping and had this reader on the edge. Joseph Teller explores a story involving the court system, along with the lawyers, and DAs, with all the circumstances that others are not often allowed to see within the judicial system. I can tell Mr. Teller definitely knows the law routine because he creates an awesome read with well-rounded characters.

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