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ISBN# 9781440556555
September 2012
Crimson Romance
175 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Rachel has relatively progressive parents who are letting her study at FIT. They would like her to marry a successful man from their background, but want her to be happy above all.

Hindy is plain but very sweet and a talented seamstress. She dreams of marrying a Talmud scholar and makes wedding gowns for those who cannot afford them.

Leah is very intelligent and wants to be a doctor. A lie from a disappointed date has ruined her reputation while her ultra-conservative mother wants her to be safely married off.

Three Orthodox Jewish girls at the threshold of adulthood try to reconcile their dreams with the hopes and wishes of their parents and the rules of their society. Ms. Levy has given the reader an interesting look into the lives of young women in the orthodox community of Brooklyn. She adds much ethnic color but not as much as you would need a Yiddish to English dictionary to understand the dialogue. The author obviously knows and loves this community well. I find it a bit difficult to identify with the restricted lifestyle of the three girls. Still, I find the book to be well written and the plot smooth and easy to follow.

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