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ISBN #: 978-0-307-46009-7
July 2010
Three Rivers Press
Trade Paperback
316 Pages
Contemporary Romance (African American)
Rating: 3 Cups

Dani is the single mother of a small boy. She had an affair with a married man who claimed to love her but would not leave his wife. They are no longer involved but still in contact because of little Brax.

Scottie is the brother of Neil, Dani’s ex. He is a bit of a ladies’ man and was involved with a distant cousin who got pregnant and later lost the child. She is more than a little bit obsessed with him.

Dani meets Scottie at the Meadows family reunion. Though it is not the best idea to get involve with your ex’s brother, she cannot resist him. His ex, his cousin LaNecia is more than a little crazy and manipulative to boot. Dani and Neil will always be connected through their child, which makes Neil’s wife, Anya, uneasy.

This book is aimed at African American readers. The dialogue and references are all directed at that audience. The story is more than a little melodramatic, but well plotted. The characters are vividly drawn, realistic, and not always likable. The convoluted relationships in the Meadows family are as interesting as they are intricate. Though I could not always relate to the characters or their situations, this author tells a really good story that will not leave you bored.

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