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ISBN: 9781934759295
August 2009
Robert D. Reed Publishers
192 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

When Yasodhara is sixteen years old, her husband Siddhartha leaves in the dead of night to find enlightenment. Now that she is on her deathbed, the memory of all she has accomplished passes from person to person as her own spirituality is rejoiced.

For Rahula, Yasodhara’s son, it is a time for reflection of his own as he and his family travel in hopes of making it to her before she passes. He has never forgiven his father for leaving them when he was so young and finds that his father’s supposed findings of enlightenment is nothing but a sham.

While almost everyone knows who Siddhartha, also known as Buddha, is, the story of his wife and her journey throughout her lifetime is unknown. When Buddha would go from riches to rags, so would Yasodhara; if he shaved his head, so would she; as Siddhartha looked for the spirituality, Yasodhara looked as well even as she struggles to forgive and accept Buddha for what he has done to her. Will Rahula come to understand his father and all he has passed as well as what a great mother and guide Yasodhara is? Or is he destined to miss his mother’s passing and go on with his feelings of hatred and the unforgiving emotions toward his father?

Mr. Constans novel is very easy to read for the most part and so smooth that I did not realize how far I had gotten until I looked at the page number. Buddha’s Wife is the tale of Yasodhara and her life as an abandoned wife of Buddha and all that she accomplished. I was so saddened by the fact that a man would leave his wife in the dead of night with no thought of how she would feel; it definitely brought out intense feelings for Buddha and they were not nice feelings. I did not always understand everything that was going on within the book, but I think it had more to do with the language itself and the practices of the country more than the actual writing. This story is very intense and has a self-examining feeling to it that will have you questioning what you have done and how far you would go when it comes to your beliefs and spirituality.

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