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ISBN: 978-0-345-48657-8
August 2010
Ballantine Books
Paperback / Hardcover
$7.99 / $24.00
455 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Having money has changed everything for Jenner Redwine. Winning the biggest lottery in the state will do that, but what she never counted on was how quickly her life would be turned inside out.

Getting aboard the Silver Mist and keeping tabs on Frank Larkin is supposed to be an easy surveillance job for Cael Trayler and his team, but before they ever set sail, problems crop up. Unfortunately, he has no idea how big those problems are about to get.

What is supposed to be two glorious weeks at sea with her best friend has turned into the biggest nightmare of Jenner’s life. In the seven years since her winnings, Jenner has yet to do a cruise, and now she wishes she never heard of the Silver Mist. Her captor may be sinfully gorgeous, but being intimidated and manhandled is not her idea of fun, and she is more than willing to make him just as miserable. Cael knew from the moment he set eyes on Jenner that she would be trouble, but the mission is entirely too important to scrap, even if that sexy little spit fire takes every ounce of his control and shreds it.

The kidnapping scenario in this story is a concept I find myself struggling to enjoy, and for at least half of the book, I could not truthfully see a real bond between Jenner and Cael. I want to believe that a man with Cael’s skill and intelligence could come up with a more reasonable approach to getting Jenner’s cooperation for his mission. The suspense building however is superbly done, and whether or not I found Jenner and Cael’s relationship credible takes a back seat to the wicked schemes going on around them. Jenner’s character is the best and so well crafted you can easily picture her giving Cael the fight of his life and loving every minute of it!

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