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Smoke Jumpers, Book 1
ISBN# (13) 9780758266811/(10)0758266812
November 2012
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
$14.00 US/$15.95 CAN
288 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jumping into the heart of a fire is a rush of pure adrenaline for Jack Donovan. Fighting fires with his jump team makes him feel alive and free, in a way no nine-to-five job ever could.

San Francisco is nothing but a distant and painful memory for Lily Cortez. A nice condo and a fancy advertising job are far removed from her life now that she is a lavender farmer, yet she would not want it any other way.

A fire-setting stalker drives Lily home to Strong, although it does not take long before he finds her once again. This time, however, Lily will not be facing it alone, except she is not sure if it is a blessing or a curse. Coming back to Strong is not easy for a man who refuses to put down roots, but being with Lily is, which scares Jack more than anything. He can only commit to fighting the fires and finding her stalker. Leaving is still what Jack does best, even if she wishes differently.

A roaring heat that sears every nerve ending would have a hard time competing with Jack and Lily. Jack’s build and brawn are sexy enough. Add in his unrelenting-drive-to-pleasure Lily as well as the need to keep her safe, and you have a man who will score a ten for any red-blooded woman. I love that Lily is just as hot for Jack, letting him know upfront she is not one to back down from a challenge. Smoke Jumpers are absolutely the sexiest thing to land on the romance scene in a long time, and I cannot wait to read more.

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