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ISBN# 978-1-60504-535-1
May 2009
Samhain Publishing
195 Pages
BDSM Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Sylvia Anne Gibson aka “Butterfly” has lived as a sex slave for the last five years. She has loved being under the control of her Master and not having to make any of her own decisions, that is until she sees the woodcarver Bryan Lapahie. Her world begins to change with her very first interaction with Bryan.

Bryan Lapahie is a Navaho woodworker and artist. He is drawn to his employer’s sex slave “Butterfly” more than he should be, and the more he sees her and talks to her, the more he begins to feel he might want her forever.

When Bryan takes a job to create a series of wood column carvings of a rich man’s sex slaves, something of a dominant himself, he is sexually titillated. When the women begin arriving to bring him lunch and offering him sexual favors, he resists, not really sure if he should partake. But it is the beautiful and fragile Butterfly that really captures his interest, and when he begins actually talking to her, it makes his employer furious because he wants Bryan to treat Butterfly as if she is no more than a sexual object or a pet. It is not long before Butterfly is being punished for the infractions she has committed with Bryan. When their mutual attraction spins out of control and they have a blistering sexual encounter that her Master spies on them and observes, will Bryan be able to get Butterfly away from her wealthy Master and heal her, or will he lose the one person that is fast becoming the most important person to him?

The first half of Butterfly Unpinned was very difficult for me to read. It is rife with sexual torture and degradation. However, I made myself read it and continue to read the book because I had the feeling if I could just get past that part there was a real jewel of a story here, and I was right! This story does a great job of showing both the worst and the best of the BDSM world, and the line is very clearly drawn by the authors. They absolutely nailed life on the reservation, what it is like, as well as, how the Navaho are. I especially enjoyed reading about how Bryan’s family accepted and even wanted to help Sylvia, even going so far as to include her in ceremonies which as a Native person myself, I thought was extremely appropriate and accurate given her background. I also really loved how Bryan treated Sylvia, how their relationship developed over time, and just how they loved each other. This is one you want to add to your keeper shelves, I know I am!

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