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Beloved Bloody Time Series

Book 1: Bannockburn Binding
Book 2: Byzantine Heartbreak

Beloved Bloody Time, Book 2
ISBN: 9781927423035
February 2012
EBook/ Print
$4.99-eBook/ $13.75-Print
231 Pages
Erotic Romance; Fantasy; Paranormal; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 5 Cups

Nayara and Ryan are very powerful vampires who exist in the 23rd century. They are former lovers who thought they had the world in the palms of their hands until tragedy ripped them apart.

Càel is a businessman who has become intrigued not only with the vampire world but Nayara and Ryan in particular. Using his savvy demeanor and smarts, he finds a way to interact with a world that seemed unattainable before.

Ryan and Cael soon find themselves entwined in a sexual relationship that should feel fulfilling. However, Cael knows it will not be truly a relationship until Nayara becomes their threesome. When she finally gives in, the three lovers soon experience a love unlike anything any of them have had before. Even as their happiness continues to grow, an evil being is out to destroy every last one of them. If Nayara cannot come to terms with her tragic past, it will demolish any chance the three lovers have of a future together.

This is another outstanding novel by Tracy Cooper-Posey! She is the epitome of a truly talented author who uses her wonderful writing skills and vivid imagination to bring us a world that is unique, bold, passionate, and fresh to the erotic world. I must say I was not sure how she was going to make Byzantine Heartbreak unique since it is based on the same concept as the first book in the series. Not only did she pull it off, she left us with a sense that there will definitely be more to come in the Beloved Bloody Time Series. All I can say to that is: THANK GOODNESS! This powerfully passionate and emotional tale will rock you to the core and have you on your knees pleading for more stories by this amazing author.

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