Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781419918346
January 2009
Cerridwen Press
207 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

The world can be a mighty lonely place when you have lost every member of your family, and C.C. McGee will be damned if she loses her best friend as well. Debra is all she has left, and C.C. is going to hunt down the man who hurt her, even if it takes her very last breath.

South Africa is a long way from Miami for ex-DEA Agent Carter Weston, but distance in miles means nothing in terms of memory. He will never forget losing his partner in an ambush no matter how far he runs, but working to catch poachers makes him feel useful.

If it were not for that scum sucking husband of Debra’s, C.C. would not be traipsing half way around the world searching for her gravely injured best friend. She knew the man was trouble, but Debra loved him. So now, C.C. is strapped in a helicopter with the sexiest ex-cop she has ever seen, and she cannot tell him a thing. The man holding Debra hostage made it perfectly clear not to involve any cops, and C.C. will do nothing to endanger her life any further. Carter can feel the heat building between him and C.C., but her secrets are huge, and what he does not know will likely get them both killed.

The tenacity that C.C. shows while trying to save her friend is probably her greatest asset as well as her Achilles heal. She is like a bulldog that clamps on and will not let go despite the fact she could get her nose bitten off. She is a very passionate individual, and the electricity between her and Carter is sizzling hot. Their pace is non-stop and wickedly suspenseful, sure to have your heart racing right through to the end.

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