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ISBN: 978-1-4116-9425-5
April 2006
A Crystal Ordonez Publication
E-Book and Print Paperback
Price: $5.00 e-book/$10.75 Print
133 Pages
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

The Swandidi, a race of warrior administrators, search and occupy planets then enslave the native population coercing them to make their planet rewarding for the Planetary Alliance. After an intense war, they have now taken the peaceful Caeli to be their slaves and live under the Swandidi rule.

Adwin Barry keeps peace within the slaves and the masters the first year of the Swandidi occupation.

Zer’tath Kaya, Adwin’s personal slave assists him in finding about the slavery and opinions that incorporate within the alliance.

Adwin is the planetary Daniachew, a mediator over the slaves. He must keep unity between the Swandidi and the Caeli. Without harmony, another war could ensue. Kaya is at a crossroads with her people. The Caeli believe she is a traitor by helping to preserve a monopoly on their people while continuing to be under the ruling thumb of the Swandidi. She is told that her master Adwin will be cruel but she learns differently. While being his servant, they grow closer together and discover love but with many obstacles to encounter within the races, they must learn survival in a land where obstacles mount as they struggle to maintain unison while Kayla adopts him as his family.

Caeli's Daniachew is a tale that took me a while to get into it but once all the characters connected and their purpose it was, a great read. There are many explorations into the people and how they live under the rule of the other to keep their own concord that exhibits wonderful vigor and stamina in the characters. Ms. Ordonez instills interesting characters, a solid plot and worlds that are quite vivid in the reader’s imagination. She pens a striking tale that weaves with romance and fantasy all in a waft of light that does not surrender.

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