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ISBN#: 9781419994036
June 12, 2015
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
282 Pages
Urban Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Irina Columba saw her family murdered when she was a child. She only escaped the same fate by the grace of a young boy in league with the murderers. Upon discovering her hiding, he pretends he has not seen her. Years later, Irina is a top lawyer in a prominent firm. With best-friend Cassi and father-figure Merak watching over her, Irina is blissfully unaware of the chaos into which she is about to be pulled. She is only aware of the chaos in her heart for handsome professional boxer Tyr Bellor. No one but Irina knows that Tyr was the boy who let her live that fateful night.

When Tyr Bellor is arrested for the murder of his mentor, Saleos Black, he is astonished to find that it is Irina who is sent to question him. He has seen her before, at a fight. Her face, out of a sea of others, stopped his heart. He does not realize he has met her before then, too. How can he convince Irina that he is not the murderer? That the real murderer is not human, and has designs on universal domination?

Reunited, Irina and Tyr learn that their inexplicable attraction to one another was ordained at birth, and that they are not who - or what - they thought they were. There is a battle for good and evil taking place in the universe, and Irina and Tyr contain within them the dual keys to victory. They will learn that the friends they thought they knew are really soldiers on opposing sides of this battle. They will also have to decide where their loyalties lie, and which side they want to win.

This is definitely a high-octane novel. The world which Ms. Lake creates is well-structured, the place of each demonic and otherworldly race in the story clearly explained. The chemistry between main characters Tyr and Irina keeps the story moving along, and the all-out battle between good and evil at the end is gripping. This is an entertaining read for fans of the fantasy genre.

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