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ISBN# Unavailable
August 2009
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
112 Pages
Contemporary - M/M - D/s
Rating: 5 cups

Joey MacIntire moved to the city when his family and friends abandoned him when he told them he was gay. He hoped that by moving to the city he would find someone to love him. For a year he has been hanging out at a gay bar called Club Refectory, and he is very attracted to the owner. But so far, the owner seems to only want to be friends.

Logan James is very much in love with Joey, but he is also a Dom and is concerned about how Joey will react to what he expects from a lover. So instead of making Joey his own, he has been trying to give Joey a chance to get to know him first.

When Joey spends yet another night at Club Refectory where not one of the hot guys will dance with him, or talk to him, he decides he is going to try out a new gay club across town called Dante’s Dungeon. But Dante’s Dungeon is a BDSM club, and full of D/s. When Joey tells his friend the bouncer where he is going, Toby runs up to Logan’s office to let him know what his love interest is doing. Logan makes a call to his friend Dante, and asks him to keep an eye on Joey. When Joey meets the same reception at Dante’s Dungeon as he did at Club Refectory, he is crushed. However, he feels even worse when he spots Logan in the club sitting with a good looking man at the bar. Desperate to not be seen, he hides out in the bathroom hoping to wait it out until Logan leaves. It does not work out that way though, and instead he ends up meeting up with Logan. While their beginning is rocky, it is not long before they start a relationship, but then their relationship may be in jeopardy when Joey’s abusive father arrives in town. What will Joey do regarding his father’s demands?

I love the way Ms. Glenn does D/s in this book. She does such a fantastic job of explaining that world and how it works in a real relationship. I just wanted to hug Joey, he has had such a hard time, and it just always amazes me how rotten some parents can be to their kids. Ms. Glenn really gets to the heart of what can happen when families do not accept their gay members, and how hard this can be on the young and gay. I loved Logan and how he just wanted to take care of and love Joey, but also how he loved him enough to give up the D/s lifestyle if it was not something Joey could handle. I’m hoping that there are some other stories later about the secondary characters. Hint, hint, Ms. Glenn! A beautiful story that I am more than happy to recommend, and give my highest rating.

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