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ISBN# (10)148025746X/(13)9781480257467
29 November 2012
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
168 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Allison Webster is working hard to make a name for herself in her marketing/advertising company. She wants to assist businesses, both small and big, and understands that hard work, dedication and lots of know how will not be enough to get her ahead. She meets people along her path who are in her corner, and a few who are not. Learning from a father who has known the business well, she thinks she will have sound footing, but not when others try to sabotage her efforts. When one of the most sought-after music talents in the country pursues her skills, she wonders if she can help him. Also, she wonders whether Alvin, Elton, Elrod, or something like that, is going to be a deal sealed with a promise or with just a kiss. Mostly, is it going to be a one-time deal?

Honky Tonk, Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and even hot fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches have something in common with Elliot, Eldon…uh,…they call him the Memphis Music Man. No one seems to know his real name. Being down to earth makes him very charismatic with an allure that pulls in most people. Everyone knows he is already a success, but needs more better quality advertising than he is getting. So he goes to someone highly recommended, Allison. What he gets is a bargain he can never pass up!

With so many people vying for the illustrious Music Man, does Allison have a chance with him? Does she even have a green light to continue working with him? It seems there is danger involved with the company that produces his label. The Memphis Mafia may be more than Allison can handle, along with her jealous competitor, Sharon Eaton. Having never faced adversity like this, Allison is not quite sure if she has what it takes to get everything her heart desires.

This novel embraces the innocence of life and love in a simple form. Puppy love flirting with lust, then turning into something more is shown very well. Mr. Menefee and Ms. Dunitz are able to show a healthy, moralistic, positive approach to love, through a plot that can be read by teenagers on up.

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