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January 2011
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20 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Emma, an average woman from the 21st century, finds herself snatched away from everything she knows to become the play thing of someone who should not even exist.

An elf used to getting what he wants, Cian snatches Emma from her Vermont home rather than woo her. But does he want more from her than just a pretty possession to be displayed?

Thrust into a world she never believed existed, Emma must come to terms with the fact that she is now a prisoner in a different dimension with no way home. Her only saving grace may be that her captor is a prince among his people and will act as a barrier to prejudice and abuse.

A very likable character, I thought Emma reacted just like most people would in this unlikely, extreme situation. Cian was more of a mystery. We did not get any insight into his personality or motivations. This story was a quick read but very enjoyable. It would have been nice if Ms. Kumar had gone into more detail making the story a little longer instead of jumping ahead as many times as she did.

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