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ISBN: 9781419934926
July 2011
Ellora’s Cave
158 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Isabel Riley is used to covert operations that put her in danger, but none of her training has prepared her for what will happen to her next.

Known now as the Third Reich, Germany has taken over every nation except for America. SS officers in black uniforms are well known for putting fear into any American spy that tries to cross the German government.

Isabel knows she has been betrayed when an SS officer detains her at her fourteenth and final checkpoint before getting to her next contact who she knows she can trust. Instead of the mindless torture she has been expecting, the officer uses luscious floggers, intense control, and an unknown truth serum to get her right where he wants her, as his personal war prize slave. When the time comes for her to fight or flee, will Isabel even want to leave the officer who has introduced her to a world of decadent pleasure unlike anything she has felt before?

I must say I found parts of this story confusing as it is set in a world that I am unfamiliar with, and it left me wondering if there was a previous story that needed to be read to better understand this one. The highs and lows that Isabel went through as she struggled with how much pleasure she was feeling by the enemy’s hands shows me that Ms. Starbright knows how to include rich detail full of emotional pitfalls. This novel certainly pushes the envelope in many different ways as Isabel fights to become the person America wants her to be, even as her true nature rebels against conforming into a spy that she would not approve of. Captured by the SS is an intense and complex tale full of twisting scenarios, spicy scenes, and hedonistic pleasure sure to leave you craving some BDSM action of your own.

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