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ISBN#: 9781682520635
26 January 2016
Loose Id LLC
86 pages
Multicultural; Fantasy; Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Shoraya is a child of the Deipma, the Fire Mountains, known for its ores and metals. She is focused on traveling the world and learning swordplay from nature itself. When rumors start to spread about her skill with the sword emissaries from kingdoms attempt to entice her to come and share her knowledge, or failing that capture her. After one such encounter, hit by poison darts, she barely manages to evade capture by ducking into the enchanted woods, where she passes out. Upon waking she expects death, not a beautiful sorcerer whose presence ignites hot desires within her and has her thinking to abandon her quest.

Gavenas is a powerful Faeyanin sorcerer and the Guardian of the enchanted woods. In the forest he comes upon an injured, beautiful woman, and finds himself strongly drawn to her. As he tends her he finds himself aching to just touch her and carefully does so, sneaking into her bed. He does not want to force himself upon her, but it is a different story if she is the initiator and he finds that she desires him as much as he her. Days pass and they become closer, their shared passions bringing them closer still. Despite everything he knows, she must leave soon, though he wishes that she did not have to.

Shoraya and Gavenas quickly find great passion and affection for one another, love creeping in. Their days are filled with him nursing her back to health, them talking and sharing their thoughts and feelings, and learning each other’s body intimately, spending hours making love. Both of them know she must leave as Shoraya does not want to abandon her quest to travel the world. Eventually she will need to go, but will her going be the end of the great love they found? Or will the bonds they forged in these past days be strong enough to preserve it no matter what life’s surprises have in store for them?

This is a wonderful story, full of lyrical prose, and luscious descriptions. The words used to describe the feelings between Shoraya and Gavenas were so exquisite that I could easily feel the intensity of the love they felt for each other. Writing a good short story is practically an art form with having to have the right balance between introducing the characters, their interactions, and the world building with each other to create an enjoyable story and Ms. Lairis did a superb job of it. I would most certainly recommend this story to someone looking to read a love story, one having interesting and beautiful wording and intriguing characters.

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