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ISBN 978-0-9848970-9-4
February 2012
Pink Petal Books
41 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Blissot de Woodville loved her beautiful younger sister Ivette. In medieval England, however, wealthy orphans married as they were ordered by their guardians or their king. Bliss insisted on secretly taking Ivetta’s place as the bride of a total stranger, Lord William Reynard, so that her sister could marry the man she loved.

The king granted Lord William Reynard a manor and a wife as a reward for a special service. Although not ashamed of his humble origins, he had hoped to marry for love as his parents had, but Lady Bliss was everything he had hoped for in a wife, despite her secrets.

Lady Bliss regretted her deception. She intended to reveal her identity to her new husband as soon as they married. She tried more than once but she feared losing William. She knew that he would probably hate her once he discovered her deception because he had lost the beautiful Ivetta. She would just have to wait until the time was right.

Capturing Bliss is a sparkling jewel of a medieval novella. Hurley-Moore creates vibrant characters that seek romance and love in a medieval world that values neither. That Lord William Reynard and his Lady Ivetta did not live in a magnificent castle but worked at Foxwoods to build a legacy together makes the story all the more endearing. A couple of modern day scenes introduce the slightest hint of the paranormal and open the door—I hope—for more Reynard family stories. Overall, when you finish reading Capturing Bliss, you will turn off your reader with a smile and a happy sigh.

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